An Image of Hindu Deity with a Mitred Crown (81)


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The creation of the image of Hindu Deity with a Mitred Crown originated from Hinduism beliefs. The unique sculptural style has been popularly adopted through time when the Sombo Praikuk, Kampong Phra and Kulen schools of art prospered in the Chenla Kingdom.

Archaeologists believe that the images belong to the Funan art and were executed based mostly on Hinduism beliefs of the Vishnu sect. They were found either standing upright or standing with a slightly twisted body. Carved images of a Hindu Deity with a Mitred Crown were often made of greenish stone and created either in life size or even bigger. They normally are in standing position, wearing tube-shaped crowns similar to Persian ones. The upper part of the body is unclothed, and the 4 arms are often found broken. They are normally known as "Vishnu (Narai) with a Mitred Crown" one of which was discovered at the archaeological site No. 18 in Si Mahosot, Prachin Buri Province.