Wat Chong Kham (55)



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According to the traditions of the Shan or Tai Yai who lived in Northern Thailand, the important temples in the community are often named Wat Chong Kham. The temples can be found in nearly every province in the north. Interestingly, the ceremonial quarters and monks living quarters at Wat Chong Kham are combined within one building. This is because there are a few monks living in the temple.

The villagers, then, have to take care of both the monks and the temple at the same time Wat Chong Kham displayed at Muang Boran is a Shan tem complex modeled after the Pagan architecture which is rarely seen today. Consequently, the original building that once stood in Ngao in Lampang Province has been acquired from the monastery. The restoration of the structure has been painstaking in order to preserve every single detail of the building and present the most original form of the structure.

The building, made of teak wood, combines wihan, sala and monk’s living quarters in one building. The excellent work of northern craftsmanship can be seen from the equal emphasis to the split-level roofs and the rythmic spacing of carved decorations. Beauty is to be found everywhere.