The Floating Market (45)


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The floating market provides an ideal rural backdrop to the daily life of the people living on the banks of the river; especially the local life in the central plain of Thailand. The community relies greatly on water transportation; rivers and canals became the most important trade routes for people along the rivers. One result of their industry has been the gradual evolution of the floating food market. The lively picture of houseboats, boats carrying an assortment of goods and rice barges can be easily seen in the floating market community.

The floating market at Muang Boran is a reflection of traditional Thai life along the river. The rivers and canals formed an important communication system that brought about social integration and prosperity to the community. The people on both sides of then river are connected by bridges and walkways surrounding the community. The floating market is an example of perfect social integration. Though the people are different in race, religious beliefs and culture, they can live in peace. As we can see, Buddhirt temples, Christian churches, Islamic mosques, Chinese spirit houses and even local spirt houses stand in harmony in the same community.