The Main Chedi of Wat Maha That (51)



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The main chedi of Wat Maha That , Sukhothai Province is located in Wat Maha That, joining the wihan luang or grand hall. In front of the chedi stands the base of Phra Sri Sakya Muni. The main chedi or the relic tower is made of brick and laterite. Each side of the square base, which is about 20 meters long, is ornamented with stucco motifs of walking Buddha images with palms pressed together.

A staircase leads from the terrace to the upper part of the central tower and the throne. Above the throne are decorations in the form of lotuses which are made of laterite. The central part is a brick tower standing on top of a stacked set of pedestals plinths, throne, and basements, which are all made from laterite The upper part is set apart from the lower part by its five re-entrant angles on each corner which stop short of the lotus bud and tapering spire but include the capital of the shaft, the shaft of the tower, and a pair of asymmetrical octagonal lotus pedestals made of laterite. Around the base of the lotus bud tower. there are individual niches housing standing Buddha images.

The main chedi of Wat Maha That at Muang Boran was constructed by reducing its actual size by three-fourths.

Location The Main Chedi of Wat Maha That (51)

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