The Chedi of Cham Thewi (54)



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The Chedi of Cham Thewi at Wat Ku Kud was constructed in the Hariphunchai period. The chedi is a square tower of which 5 storeys. Similarly, the chedi is formed like a stepped pyramid Each storey, there’re 3 niches on each of the 4 faces of the tower, so there’re 12 Buddha images in each storey and 60 images in all. The statues are Dvaravati and U-Thong Arts and date back to the 9th and 10th century A.D. On top of the fifth storey is a naturalistic stucco lotus petal border.

According to the chronicle, a hermit erected a small city named “Hariphunchai” and invited Phra Nang Cham Thewi. a princess of King of Lavo(Lop Buri), to rule Hariphunchai, Phra Nang Cham Thewi came to this city at 679 A.D., and reigned for 54 years.

Location The Chedi of Cham Thewi (54)

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