The Bench of Public Appeals (48)



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Hundreds of years ago, Sukhothai people lived happily in the Kingdom. The king, known as Pho Khun, had a close relationship with his people so that he could personally take care of them His fairness in ruling his kingdom can be seen described in the inscription that reads.

“At the entrance hangs a bell. Any person from the town or the country wishing to make a formal complaint, one who finds himself in physical or mental distress, may request the King himself to pass immediate judgement on the matter simply by ringing the bell…”

The celebrated stone inscription also mentions the Bench of Public Appeals of Pho Khun Ram Kamhaeng, the King of Sukhothai.

The Bench of Public Appeals at Muang Boran is a long Thai style hall covered by a tiled roof . The bargeboard reflects the influence of Sangalok kilns of Sukhothai . The doorway is an example of the post-lintel type of construction, while the post, from which the bell was hung, is also a fine example of primitive wooden architecture. A bell has been hung outside the entrance to the court in accordance with the aforementioned stone inscription of the Sukhothai era.