Sumeru Mountain (102)


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According to Thai cosmology, Sumeru Mountain is considered the pillar of the world as well as the center as the universe. The mountain, supported stays above the surface of the water. lt is the residence of spirits ranging from deities in heaven to devils in hell. The beings living by the mountainside also include humans, nagas, garudas. ogres. ogresses and yogis Each of them is distinguished by wisdom morality

On the top of the lofty mountain the heaven called Tavatimsa where trai Trueng City is located The city is believed be the kingdom of gods where Sakka or Indra is the king Indra’s most important responsibility is to protect the serenity of the world community his divine kingship is a result of the merit he had made during his past lives.

Sakka lives in a castle called Phaichayon Maha Prasat (Phai chayon great grand palace). In the center of the castle stands the heavenly throne, namely Bandu Kamplhon, which will turn stiff when the world falls into disastrous catastrophe. Learnirng the situation, Indra will come down from heaven to help save his people on earth.

Sumeru Mountain is surrounded by an ocean, called Nathi Si Thandorn, while the Himavant Forest and Anodata Pond are at the toot of the mountan. Four springs which ane illustrated by the faces of 4 different animals including the lion, elephant, horse and ox are located at the 4 cardinal points of the pond Through the ox spring only, the water flows from the pond into the ocean