Phra That Phanom (71)

Nakhon Phanom


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Phra That Phanom has been highly revered as a sacred monument for both the Thai and Laotian people for centuries. The Ulrangkha That ( the chest bone relics ) of the Lord Buddha is believed to be housed in Phra That Phanom which is located at Wat Phra That Phanom, That Phanom District, Nakhon Phanom Province.

The original shape of the upper part of the stupa is not known Only the existing tower, before it collapsed, was essentially the tower built by Phraya Sumitratham and other local rulers who rebuilt the tower on its original site.

Rebuilt in the square form, the tower is a large cubical lower half and a gradually diminishing tapering upper part. It can be reached on all four sides. The lower half of the tower is faced with carved bricks carrying vegetal and figurative ornaments floral arabesques, cloud motifs, local people riding on horses and elephants. The carving is of Indian style and shares similarities with Amaravati art (2nd-5t centuries A D). Later, Phra Chaiva Chettha Thirat, the ruler of Vientiane had the tower built higher by adding the distinctive upper part. Although having been renovated many times during the past centuries, the tower has never changed significantly from its original form.

Muang Boran constructed this stupa in its former style before In Rattanakosin period.