Phra Chedi Si Song Rak (63)



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Phra Chedi Si Song Rak is located on the bank of the Mun River in Dan Sai District, Loei Province. It was established in 1560 A.D. and completed in 1563 A.D. in the reign of King Maha Chakraphat of Ayutthaya. The monument was built to commemorate the friendship of King Maha Chakraphat of Ayutthaya and King Chaiyachettada Thirat of Lan Chang Kingdom. The chedi was regarded as delimiting the border between these two kingdoms.

The brick monument had crumbled down by 1925 A.D. Only a pile of bricks like a white ant nest marked where the monument had stood. It was sometime later that the structure was fully renovated. The new square base is about 7 meters wide. Placed upon it are 2 tiers of pedestals with lotus mouldings and re-entrant angles at each corner. The bell' element has a square cross-section. The architectural style is typical of the Northeast. The lip of the bell has flamelike lotus petals applied to each of the 4 corners. The total height of the monument is about 30 meters.