The Garden of the Prince of the Golden Conch (79)


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The Prince of the Golden Conch or Sang Thong is an old folk tale taken from Panyatsa lataka (Panasa Jataka). According to the Jataka, the tale of Sang Thong is known as Suwanna Sang lataka. The story was adapted to be used in plays during the Ayutthaya and Rattanakosin periods. The latest verse presentation of Sang Thong rewritten by King Rama II and the court poets, has been performed in the theaters until today .

Nang Chanthara, the second queen of King Yosawimon, opposed the first queen, Nang Chanthewi, for giving birth to a conch shell. So, the king was obliged to expel her and her baby from the palace. Nang Chanthewi finally found a home with a farming family. Everyday, she was secretly helped by her son, Sang Thong, the Prince of the Golden Conch, who emerged from the shell. Realizing what was happening, she crushed the conch so her son could not hide in it anymore.

When the king heard of his son, he ordered his maid to kill the boy by fetching water. However, the boy was saved by the Naga ki ng named Phraya Kamphon. He was later adopted by an ogress called Nang Phanthurat who possessed 2 magic objects: a negrito mask disguise and a magic staff. Sang Thong accidentally found her well of gold. Then, he made himself golden, put on the negrito disguise and took her magic staff flying off into the air. The ogress chased after him but died of a broken heart when he finally escaped her but not before she taught him some hunting and fishing charms.
The prince finally reached the kingdom of King Samon, a king with 7 daughters. The 6 older ones were married but the youngest one, Nang Rotchana, chose the negrito for her bridegroom She was then expelled from the palace and had to live among farmers with Sang Thong. King Samon could not rest with this arrangement and set the wonder boy different tasks in competition with his 6 sons-in-law. The prince finally won.

Since the situation had now become intolerable, Indra found himself forced to intervene. He started up a polo match and the Prince of the Golden Conch took off his negrito disguise and joined in the game. The story then came to a happy ending .

At Muang Boran, the three groups of statues are: Sang Thong in negrito disguise together with Nang Rotchana headed to theirhome in a farmer's village. Six brothers-in-law went fishing Sang Thong in disguise hunting.

Location The Garden of the Prince of the Golden Conch (79)

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