The Courage of the People of Bang Rachan (37)


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During the late Ayutthaya period, in the reign of King Ekathat,Burmese troops invaded Ayutthaya Kingdom and subdued Siamese. They raped, pillaged and burnt people's houses. The incident made the people of Sing Buri angry and began to organize local militia to protect their community which was known as Khai Bang Rachan or Bang Rachan Fort. The leaders were, for example, Nai Taan, Nai Mueng, Nai Chot, Nai In, Nai Dok, Nai Kaew, Khun San and Pan Rueng. They had fought with the Burmese invaders eight times before they were finally defeated. The Burmese laid siege to the stockade with cannons. Failed in their appeal for a cannon from the capital and their own attempt to cast a cannon, the Bang Rachan people became discouraged. Although they had fought steadfastly for 5 months the camp was eventually overrun and its defenders massacred on Monday in the eighth lunar month on the second day of the waning moon in 1766 A.D. Although the village was entirely destroyed, the exploits of every brave Thai defender continues to be rekindled by the recollection of the Siamese people. The unwavering courage of the villagers is one of the greatest heroic deeds recorded in Thai history.