Sala of Ramayana (107)


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It is considered a Thai tradition to build public places such as temples and Thai Sala (pavilion) in a community.Fumctioning as a public center,they are used inBuddhist merit-making ceremonies and other social activities.The structures,finely constructed,not only illusttate the well-to-do status of the community but alps show the generosity of the person who intends to build the places for public use. Ramayana is very popular literature among southeast Asian countries because it tells of the story that praises the supremacy of the king who,in everyday people ‘s viewpoint,performs like the god bringing peace to the world community The five grand open sala at Miami Boran were built in a pond used as either a public summer house or religious ceremonial center.Ramayana pavilion (sala of Ramayana) is named after the story of the murals painted inside the sala